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  • Thimbles Guide to Starch

    If you’re a sewing enthusiast or quilter, you know the importance of good fabric starch. It not only helps to create crisp, sharp lines but also makes handling fabric much easier. In this guide, we’ll explore popular products in the world of fabric starch and starch alternatives, like Mary Ellen... View Post
  • EVEN MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects Pt. 2

    We’re back with EVEN MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects! Just in time for National Upcycling Day, here are even more scrap projects to sew, quilt and upcycle the fabric scraps in your stash. National Upcycling Day is less than a week away—plenty of time to gather up the scraps in your stash an... View Post
  • Free Burrito Pillowcase Sewing Project Tutorial

      It's National Quilting Month and this Saturday is National Quilting Day! We decided to honor the occasion by sharing one of our favorite patterns for a burrito pillowcase. The Burrito Pillowcase is quick, super easy, and features French seams for a beautiful, professional finish. You can easily... View Post
  • 8 Paper Piecing Tips for Beginners

    Many quilters feel intimidated by Foundation Paper Piecing, but it’s not as difficult as it looks. The key, as with most things, is to move slowly, with precision, and to be mindful of each step. Foundation Paper Piecing renders laser accuracy because you’re piecing together unusual shapes in mul... View Post