About Us

Located in an historic 1870’s building with over 3000 bolts of fabric, the friendly staff and fun environment make Thimbles a positive experience for all. We are a full-line quilt shop with fabric, books, patterns and notions. While representing the entire line of BERNINA and Baby Lock sewing machines, we are also a Koala Cabinet Showcase Dealer. Fun clubs as well as classes for all experience levels are offered. Join our BERNINA Software Sampler Club or learn new embroidery tips in our Embroidery Programs. Come in, be inspired and receive the best education and support obtainable from your sewing machine dealer!

Meet The Team

Jane and Tammy

Jane and Tammy are good friends and have operated Thimbles for over 15 years! They caught the quilting bug in 2001. Tammy likes contemporary fabrics while Jane is a traditionalist. Thus, you will find an eclectic assortment of fabrics at Thimbles. They enjoy the travel opportunities associated with being quilt shop owners. They attend International Quilt Market twice a year, go annually to BERNINA and Baby Lock conventions as well as various trade shows around the country. Who knew that being a quilt shop owner would come with such great perks? Tammy loves talking with a microphone even though she only has an outside voice and Jane claims not to appear on film. Keep your eyes open for a photo of Jane!

Char Roon

Char is one of our more enthusiastic staff members. She has been found standing on tables changing the light bulbs as well as jumping in the dumpster! She does not have an inside voice! Char loves visiting with customers and customers love sharing stories about their families with her. In her free time, Char loves sitting behind her husband Randy, as they ride on their Gold Wing.

Kara Harris

Kara is the most senior staff member at Thimbles—she started at Thimbles during its first year. Kara is the shortest long-armer in the area! Unsure about which fabrics to choose? Kara is always glad to help. Her opinions are free and unsolicited!

Joe Gasparich

Who doesn’t love Joe? You should always be nice to the person servicing your sewing machine! (FYI, he does love his Happy Meals.) Joe started working in the technical department at BERNINA in 1990 servicing sewing machines and traveling nationally to train other technicians. Thimbles is fortunate to have such a fun, talented and talkative technician on staff!

Sheri Trawczynski

Sheri loves making garments. Don’t be surprised to find her wearing a pair of jeans that she has made! Knits are her favorite fabrics because they are sew forgiving. Sheri started quilting when she started working at Thimbles, and has become a pro! Her favorite meal is a double Big Mac.

Kay Hersch

Before Kay moved to the area, she would visit Thimbles and tell everyone that she was going to work here when she moved back. She was right! Kay is a serging expert, and also makes many of her clothes. She is afflicted with O.Q.D. (Obsessive Quilting Disorder), and fortunately, there is no cure. She attends Quilt Market with the Travel Guide, so she knows all the new quilting trends.

Pat Lipscomb

Pat has been quilting for over 20 years. Alex Anderson and Simply Quilts inspired her to start on her journey into quilting. Pat’s interest in crafting began while working at her mother’s craft and miniature store, where she taught macramé and miniature dollhouse decorating. Watch for new classes from Pat coming soon!

Maren Cunnington

Maren is one of the newer members of our team. She enjoys spending time with her husband Mark, and two boys, Oliver and Aidan. A great addition to the staff, Maren has made many knit garments. She has been known to make something new to wear because "it was quicker than doing the laundry"! Be sure to ask Maren to show you some of the bags she has made too.