EVEN MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects Pt. 2

We’re back with EVEN MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects! Just in time for National Upcycling Day, here are even more scrap projects to sew, quilt and upcycle the fabric scraps in your stash.

National Upcycling Day is less than a week away—plenty of time to gather up the scraps in your stash and start planning fun, quick summer projects. There are 7 projects featured here, but if none are to your taste, don’t worry. We’ve built up a healthy library of scrap projects for National Upcycling Day over the years. There are now more than 30 projects to choose from! Check out Our Favorite Scrap Projects, MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects, and EVEN MORE of Our Favorite Scrap Projects (Part 1)!

Scrap-Pieced Belt

sewing scrap pieced belt


The Scrap-Pieced Belt from We All Sew is a serious fabric scrap busting project. You can use the tiniest pieces of fabric, and the size of your fabric sections can vary depending on your stash.

scrap pieced quilted belt

In fact, we’d recommend varying the lengths of fabric for a chic, eclectic look. A Scrap-Pieced Belt is also an excellent accessory for cinching summer dresses!

Make the Scrap-Pieced Belt from We All Sew.

Patchwork Scrunchy

Patchwork quilted scrunchy

Let’s face it—scrunchies are back. Those of us who remember the 80s might cringe at the thought, but scrunchies are actually gentler on your hair than your standard hair tie. And, scrap scrunchies are really easy to make and use up your fabric scraps!

The Patchwork Scrunchy from Hailey Stitches calls for 4 different coordinating scrap fabrics, cut into 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles. Those rectangles are cut into smaller rectangles and then arranged in a pleasing patchwork pattern for assembly. It’s a quick and easy scrap project that also makes a great gift. 

Make the Patchwork Scrunchy from Hailey Stitches

Scrappy Jean Jacket

If you’ve been to any quilt shows or events over the last year or so, you know quilted jean jackets are trending. Quilters have fallen in love with showing off their quilting skills with this classic accessory. We all have scraps of beloved fabrics we can’t bear to part with; the quilted denim jacket is the perfect answer for using up those odds and ends. 

quilted denim jacket

The Scrappy Jean Jacket uses 1 ½” wide scrap fabrics of varying lengths, laid down in strips across the back of the jacket. And if you’re one of our quilters who remembers scrunchies the first time they were popular, you probably have a denim jacket in your closet waiting to be upcycled into something fresh and new!

Make the Scrappy Jean Jacket from Baby Lock

Scrappy Cat Wand Toy

sewn cat toy

Make something fun for your feline friend with We All Sew’s Cat Wand Toy tutorial. There are several versions available to choose from, including a fish (above), spider (below), and mouse. 

sewn spider cat toy

Each wand is a quick and easy sewing project that uses up very little fabric and looks a lot cuter than something you’d buy at the store. 

Make Scrappy Cat Wand Toys from We All Sew

Scrappy Pet Leash

You didn’t think we’d forget about man’s best friend, did you? While technically Sew Can She calls this a pet leash (so yes, you can use it for your cat), we imagine most will make it for their dog. Like the simple belt featured at the beginning of this blog, the Scrappy Pet Leash uses strips of assorted fabric and interfacing for some strength and stability.

Make the Scrappy Pet Leash from Sew Can She

Hand-Look Quilted Wallet

Hand-Look Scrap Fabric Quilted Wallet

This handmade quilted wallet from We All Sew is such a cute way to showcase one of your favorite fabrics. We love that they used a hand-look quilting stitch to really emphasize the handmade look of the wallet. The wallet also features pocket panels on the inside so you have room for your cards and money.

Make the Hand-Look Quilted Wallet from We All Sew.


Quilted Organza Scrappy Fabric

Quilted Organza Scrappy Fabric

Not all scrap fabric projects have to be small, as we’ll show with our final two project suggestions. First, the Quilted Organza Scrappy Fabric project from Baby Lock aims to create a gorgeous piece of quilted cloth from any and all fabric scraps you have on hand.  


Quilted Organza Scrappy Fabric


With that cloth, you can make whatever you want: quilts, quilted garments, bags, zippered pouches, etc. Not only will you have used up your fabric scraps, but you will also create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of fabric. 

Make the Quilted Organza Scrappy Fabric from Baby Lock.

Scrappy 9-Patch Quilt

Scrappy 9-Patch Quilt fabric scrap project

Yes, you can make an entire quilt from your fabric scraps, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. As a quilter and sewist you have likely collected A LOT of fabric scraps in the same or similar colors (we all tend to buy the same colors over and over again, right?). That means you can easily make this Scrappy 9-Patch Quilt from Southern Charm Quilts and it will look like something you planned from scratch. She cleared out her “purple stash drawer” to make her version, and we think it looks lovely! We love that this quilt looks sophisticated and polished but is easy enough for a beginner.

Make the Scrappy 9 Patch Quilt from Southern Charm Quilts.

Are you sewing and quilting with scrap fabrics? Let us know your favorite scrap projects!

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