Face Mask Sewing Tutorial Round-Up

Face coverings are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and we feel fortunate that we’re able to use our skills to make ourselves and our loved ones a “face mask wardrobe,” ensuring we always have a face covering handy! Here, we share our fave tutorials, patterns and resources for sewists of all skill levels, along with suggestions for where you can donate any spare face masks you’ve sewn.

If you’re just getting started, Baby Lock Sewing has put together a wonderful resource section for face mask sewing, found here

sew in this together: face mask sewing tutorial round up

This is a great mask tutorial and pattern for beginners shared by YouTuber Anurjisa: 

Don’t have any elastic handy? No problem - this tutorial by Erica Arndt shows how to sew a face mask with fabric ties: 

Fabric designer extraordinaire Tula Pink recently shared her favorite free pattern for sewing face masks, the Versatile Face Mask by the Quilty Crafter. Watch Tula’s quick Instagram video to see her quick demo showing how she “eyeballs” symmetry when cutting fabric for her masks. 

Versatile Face Mask by the Quilty Crafter

If you’re thinking about donating masks to local medical professionals in need, check out this free tutorial and pattern for sewing a face mask with a filter pocket from Cathie Filian.

sewing a face mask with a filter pocket from Cathie Filian

At the shop, we’re super excited about the Creative Grid Face Mask Template which was just released. See it in action by watching the video below!

We’re also intrigued by some of the innovations that folks have dreamed up for a better fit and improved breathability. This free tutorial shows you have to insert a small piece of wire along the top of the mask to help it fit snugly against the wearer’s nose. One YouTuber designed a face mask that doesn’t touch the nose OR mouth, which she says makes it easier for the wearer to breathe during use. 

Have enough masks? There are plenty of places accepting donations! Try checking with your local government, medical facilities, shelters and other organizations, or visit Masks for Humanity to get connected with people in need.

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Face Mask Sewing Tutorial Round-Up