Stash Bust with Stash Pot Pie!

The desire to use up all the beautiful bits of fabric we acquire is common among Thimbles’ sewists. So this year, we really focused on ways we can bust through our ever-growing fabric stash. The stash busting desire fueled our recent blogs featuring Our Favorite Scrap Projects and Even More Scrap Projects. And it also motivated the creation of our Stash Pot Pie classes.

Here are the rules for Stash Pot Pie. If you answer yes to more than half of these questions, you need Stash Pot Pie!

Every month this year, we’re hosting a new Stash Pot Pie class centered around a different quilt design, for which Laurie Albrecht has been quilting samples (thank you, Laurie!). It’s proven to be an incredibly worthwhile endeavor, and we know the Thimbles crew absolutely loves it. These classes have produced some jaw-droppingly beautiful quilts!

If you have been thinking of attending a Stash Pot Pie, today’s post is sure to push you over the edge. Our next Stash Pot Pie event is on Thursday, July 21, 2022 from 1-3pm. The quilt is called Moon Pie and it looks like this: 

Laurie is doing such an incredible job with these quilts! Can you believe these are mostly scraps? It really makes you look at your fabric stash in a fun, new way. 

The following are just some examples of the quilts shared to the Thimbleful of Sewists & Crafters group on Facebook and elsewhere. If you’ve finished a Stash Pot Pie quilt, please tag us on social media so we can see. We love the glimpse into your fabric stashes and the beautiful quilts you make from them!

Pie Chart


The Stash Pot Pie that started it all, Pie Chart launched our monthly obsession. Here is Laurie’s quilt:

This next quilt is from Cindy Zon, a frequent Stash Pot Pie enthusiast. This was her first Stash Pot Pie of the year. We love her choice of dark but vibrant blue fabric and the way it elevates the other colors in her quilt. The floral border is a nice touch that pulls all the colors together in a really thoughtful and interesting way.

This next quilt is from another frequent Stash Pot Pie sewist, Jeanne Mincke Turnock. Not to call out Jeanne (but to absolutely call out Jeanne—sorry, Jeanne!), but she is a scrap queen. Jeanne saves all of her scraps and has a huge stash—she is nothing if not thrifty when it comes to saving bits of fabric. She’s also well known for having the most UFOs in the shop. And she is beloved at Thimbles for turning her scraps into gorgeous quilts. Observe her Pie Chart quilt: 

Jeanne has so many scraps, you would be hard pressed to find two of the same squares in the above quilt. Jeanne has so many scraps, she shows up again later in this blog with another quilt. We love you, Jeanne! We love you and all your many, many scraps. 

Queen of Tarts


We have two lovely Queen of Tarts quilts shared to the Thimbleful of Sewists & Crafters group. The first, by Patricia Murphy, shows that you can make a Stash Pot Pie quilt even if you don’t have as many scraps as the quilt calls for, or if you just want to make something smaller. We can help you modify the design to suit what you have on hand, or what you want to make. Patricia modified Queen of Tarts to be a baby quilt as a gift. We think she did a smashing job and that is one lucky baby!

Pat Kroesch made her Queen of Tarts quilt without using any new materials. Everything in the quilt seen below came out of her closet and her fabric stash. And now that Pat has successfully busted her stash, she has the universe’s permission to build her stash up again. It’s the circle of life for quilters. 

Lattice Top


The Lattice Top quilt combined two blocks—the Thrifty Nine Patch and the Friendship Star. Two border options were available, the Twisted Ribbon option seen above, and a simpler border. We also explored different methods for making half square triangles. 

Cindy Zon chose the Twisted Ribbon border for her Lattice Top quilt and we adore how it turned out—the alternating light blue and dark blue panels in the border give the Twisted Ribbon so much added dimension. We also really love Cindy’s choice of fabric scraps. The lush patterning in solid hues lends the whole quilt a lot of lovely texture.

Jeanne is back with her scraps and a gorgeous Lattice Top quilt. Jeanne chose the simple border, which we think really suits her darker choice of fabrics and marries well with her choice of color for the nine patch. The dark friendship stars backed by stark white fabric really makes the checkerboard patterning pop! It’s amazing how different these two Lattice Top quilts look, simply by virtue of the choice of fabric.  

American Pie


The above is Laurie’s finished quilt for the American Pie Stash Pot Pie class, which only happened a few weeks ago. We’re still waiting for our sewists to share their quilts to the group, but we really love the way Laurie’s version turned out. The cherry red is so bright and beautiful, and the jewel-toned blue sets it off nicely. It fits the name American Pie very well!

We hope you enjoyed seeing all the quilts from Stash Pot Pie so far. Stash Pot Pie happens every month, and there’s still plenty of time to sign up for Moon Pie next week. If you love the quilts we’ve worked on so far, you can always contact us to access the class recording. We’re taping each Stash Pot Pie class for those who can’t attend or need to attend later, so grab your slice of pie when it works best for you. There’s plenty of Stash Pot Pie to go around! 


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