We ❤️ Kimberbell

Thimbles is a store that loves Kimberbell. We love their quirky machine embroidery designs, their colorful sewing projects and whimsical quilt patterns. We love, too, that Kimberbell’s projects are easy to follow for a range of crafters, and that all of the tools and accessories make the projects feel manageable and attainable. Everything works and fits together just so. In a world where so many things can feel needlessly complicated, working on a Kimberbell project is a joyous sigh of relief.

So, being that it is the month of love, we want to talk Kimberbell. How do we love you Kimberbell, let us count the ways… It’s a great time to do it, too, because we have a lot of great Kimberbell classes, kits, and events this year! 

Kimberbell Embroidery of the Month Club

We’re really excited about our Kimberbell Embroidery of the Month Club because it’s such a great introduction to machine embroidery if you’re new to the skill, but the projects are fun, useful, and interesting enough for well-practiced machine embroiderers. 

The club meets monthly, on the last Thursday and Saturday of the month (and usually after Thimbles Clubhouse). You can come on either day—whatever works for your schedule. And there’s no need to lug in your machine as we lead you in a short presentation and demonstration of new skills. We love to do Show and Tell, so we encourage our sewists to bring whatever Kimberbell project they’re working on as we talk tips and techniques. And, of course, there are new Kimberbell kits available for purchase. 

If you miss a month, no problem! Thimbles will hold all your pattern handouts so you can pick them up at your earliest convenience. Can’t attend in person? We also have members-only Facebook Group where we broadcast our meetups live with our resident KimberKrew running step-by-step-demonstrations of how to make that month’s project. If you've joined the Embroidery of the Month Club, don't forget to join the Facebook group to work alongside fellow members!

We love the Kimberbell Embroidery of the Month Club because, yes, the projects are bite-sized, adorable and fun to make, but it’s also just a great opportunity to get together, talk about our current Kimberbell-themed works-in-progress, and share our knowledge. You can see the January and February club projects above. We made a super cute hooped bunny called “I’m All Ears” for January, and this month we’re making the chic velveteen “Trapunto Pineapple Zipper Pouch.”

You can sign up for the club here

Kimberbell Kits

There’s no denying that Kimberbell makes some of the best quilt kits around. This year’s Spring Showers Quilt Kit is a perfect example. Kimberbell loves to create dimensional embroidered quilts, which challenge your skill set and introduce you to fun, new techniques. 

Kimberbell’s embellishment kits simplify the whole process of making an incredibly detailed quilt. Wooly bumblebees, ladybugs, and mushrooms, felt flowers, and shiny vinyl umbrellas adorn the Spring Showers Quilt. The intricate, elaborate look is familiar to anyone who has ever made a Kimberbell quilt before. Once finished, it provides the quintessential Kimberbell experience of seeing something new every time you look at it.

Kimberbell is also great at designing giftable projects that appeal to both beginner and experienced machine embroiderers. The new Kimberbell Mug Rugs Vol. 5 features 12 fun in-the-hoop designs that can be made quickly and easily. Kimberbell's designs offer fantastic opportunities to make a small but creatively engaging projects. 

Browse all of our Kimberbell quilt and embellishment kits

Kimberbell Tools

Kimberbell really makes it easy to follow your creativity wherever it may lead you, and the tools provide the perfect accompaniment for your crafting journeys. The Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tools have everything you need to make an embroidery project from start to finish all in one, neat kit.

Kimberbell truly thinks of everything. From the generous array of color-coded stabilizers to the matching stabilizer slap bands that keep them organized, Kimberbell is all about making it as frictionless and easy as possible to complete their projects. 

Check out our selection of Kimberbell tools and notions here

Kimberbell Events


If you’re a Thimbles devotee, you know we love a good sewing klatch. The pandemic notwithstanding, we are HUGE fans of in-person events. The physical act of working on a machine might be a solo activity, but quilting and sewing on the whole are communal practices. Thimbles firmly believes the fun of quilting is in community!  

As such, we absolutely adore Kimberbell’s community events. They provide wonderful opportunities to learn new techniques alongside novice and experienced sewists, and the projects are always so much fun. 

This year, we have quarterly Kimberbell embroidery events, with virtual and in-store options so no one gets left out.  The first event is No Place Like Home, a 2-day virtual embroidery event on March 18 & 19 from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. 

Unlike some of our previous Kimberbell embroidery events where attendees work on multiple projects, for No Place Like Home we’re making one 22”x22” pillow that employs several different embroidery techniques. The multi-pieced pillow features a dimensional pieced heart and Flexi Foam for that cute, poofy look. The pillow also utilizes three quilting patterns exclusive to the event, like the chicken wire pattern seen above. 

On Saturday, May 21, Thimbles will host a 4-hour machine embroidery spark event called Red, White, & BBQ, featuring two summer ready projects. On Friday, July 29, we’re hosting a one-day event called Harvest Table, and on September 30 & October 1 we’re hosting a two-day event called North Pole. Mark your calendars now and stay tuned to our class schedule and our social media channels as we announce registrations are open!

Do you love Kimberbell? What are your favorite Kimberbell embroidery projects and tools? Let us know on our social channels and tag us in your projects—we love to see what you’ve made! You can also join our Thimbleful of Sewists & Crafters group on Facebook to share your sewing and see what other Thimbles quilters are making. 


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