Fast & Easy 3-Yard Quilts

3-yard quilts are so on-trend right now. They’re quick and easy to sew, and they let you indulge in pretty bits of fabric without making a huge investment. They’re also great for beginner quilters, good refresher projects if you’re feeling bored or need a quick quilting jolt, and make great gifts.

We have several 3-yard quilt kits in stock to coordinate with five different supporting 3-yard quilt collection books. Today we’re going to show you some of our favorite 3-yard quilt patterns (along with the supporting pattern books and kits) so you can whip up a quick and easy 3-yard quilt! Remember: any of these kits will work with any of these patterns—these are just our suggestions. Feel free to mix and match!

Nine Patch Quilt from 3-Yard Quilt Favorites

3-Yard Quilt Favorites books alongside Nine Patch Quilt design

This classic Nine Patch Quilt from 3-Yard Quilt Favorites feels like quilting a crop of spring flowers, so we paired it with two of our floral quilt kits—the more demure Pink Floral 3-Yard Quilt Kit, and the electric Black Floral 3-Yard Quilt Kit

a light pink 3-yard quilt kit with roses alongside a black and chartreuse 3-yard quilt kit with hot pink flowers


These two kits would make very different Nine Patch Quilts, both equally lovely!

Dancing Bears Quilt from 3-Yard Quilts on the Double

 3-Yard Quilts on the Double book alongside Dancing Bears Quilt


The Dancing Bears Quilt as shown in 3-Yard Quilts on the Double doesn’t really do justice to the pattern. We would have chosen a different selection of fabrics to really amplify the bear’s “claws,” which are a different fabric from the bear’s “paw pads.” You can see the pattern in action showcasing more contrasting fabrics below.

To amplify the contrast on the bear claws, we chose the Daydreamer 3-Yard Quilt Kit. The Tula Pink fabrics are punchy and bright. 

A Tula Pink fabric bundle featuring hot pink fabric with white dots, pink flamingos, and bright yellow fabric

We think it would be perfect paired with Dancing Bears—can’t you see those bright yellow claws extending from flamingo-themed paw pads? We can.

Modern Charm Quilt from Quick as a Wink 3-Yard Quilts

Modern Charm Quilt from Quick as a Wink 3-Yard Quilts


The Modern Charm Quilt is apparently one of the most popular quilts from Quick as a WInk 3-Yard Quilts. We’re not surprised! Like its name, it’s charming and the arrangement of the shapes and patterning feel unique and fresh. Again, the above image doesn’t do the quilt justice; the one below is better. 

Modern Charm Quilt lying on furniture from Quick as a Wink 3-Yard Quilts

We stuck with florals for the Modern Charm Quilt, with a warm option and a cool option. 

Two 3-yard quilt fabric kits, one in shades of blue and green, the other in shades of maroon and pink, both with floral features

We think both the Garden Society Navy 3-Yard Quilt Kit and the Nova Floral 3-Yard Quilt Kit would look lovely in the Modern Charm Quilt. 

Modern Chic from Fast & Fun 3-Yard Quilts

Fast & Fun 3-Yard Quilt book alongside the Modern Chic quilt

The Modern Chic Quilt from Fast & Fun 3-Yard Quilts is graphically striking, and looks completely different depending on your fabric choice and placement. For that reason, we chose two very different kit options for it. 

Two 3-yard quilt kits lie on the floor side by side, one features bright green and turquoise blue fabrics, the other feautres pastel pink and green and blue fabrics, both floral themed


Looking for something bright? Go for the Floral Happy Chance 3-Yard Quilt Kit (above right). Feeling more soft and subdued? Opt for the Pastel Floral 3-Yard Quilt Kit

County Fair Quilt from Easy Does It 3-Yard Quilts

Easy Does It 3-Yard Quilts book alongside the County Fair Quilt

There is a lot to love about the County Fair Quilt from Easy Does It 3-Yard Quilts. There’s a solid block, a bordered block, and a pinwheel block—enough to keep the quilting interesting, without being overly difficult.

On the Wind 3-Yard Quilt Kit

We chose the On the Wind 3-Yard Quilt Kit for the County Fair Quilt for the striking contrasts between the goldenrod, slate gray, and cream fabrics.

You can find all of our 3-yard quilt kits and books here. Do you love 3-yard quilts? Do you have a favorite 3-yard quilt pattern? Tag us on social media and let us know!

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