9 Quick Weekend Projects to Celebrate National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day is this weekend! 

National Quilting Day on Saturday, March 18, 2023

This year is a special one. It’s not just one of our favorite times of year to get together with the Thimbles community and work on quilting projects. This Saturday, March 18, is also the release date for clue #1 of the Brown Bag Mystery Quilt 2023: Timeshare! Don’t forget to pick up a kit, which comes with an invitation to the private Facebook group. Kits have been selling out fast, so if you see a kit you like, don’t wait! 


various fabric samples from Brown Bag Mystery 2023 Timeshare


To further celebrate National Quilting Day, we’ve gathered some really fun, easy, and best of all QUICK weekend sewing and quilting projects. Pick your favorite, then come to Thimbles this weekend and let us help you pick out the perfect fabric and materials to get you started!

1 Wool Applique Birds on a Wire


Wool Applique Birds on a Wire class

Tory’s Wool Applique Birds on a Wire class sold out so quickly the first time around, we had to add a second class. Since we’re hosting the class this weekend, we had to add it as the first project on our list. If you’ve always wanted to learn wool applique, this is a great little wall hanging to start with. Tory will lead you through the foundations of wool applique, hand embroidery, and a little hand quilting to make this adorable vignette.

Sign up for Wool Applique Birds on a Wire here

2. Kaffe Fassett Hat Box Quilt


Kaffe Fasset Hat Box Quilt on a white brick wall

This super cute hatbox quilt design is a fabulous weekend project, and in Kaffe Fassett’s signature vivid prints it’s perfect for spring. The pattern is free on Bernina’s website, and includes a note that the hatbox quilt block also makes an excellent pillow design. We agree!


Kaffe Fassett fabric bundles with hatbox quilted pillow


We also have two Kaffe Fassett fabric bundles that would be perfect for this project (seen above), but we also offer a huge range of Kaffe Fassett fabrics in stock. Let us help you pick out the perfect arrangement this weekend!

See the Kaffe Fassett Hat Box Quilt here

3. Weathervane 3-Yard Quilt


Weathervane 3-Yard Quilt patter in navy, cream, pink and various blues


In last month’s blog, we shared our love for 3-yard quilts. They really are wonderful weekend projects, so if you love 3-yard quilts we encourage you to check out Fast & Easy 3-Yard Quilts + Kits.

Any of the 3-yard quilt kits we have in stock will work for the above Weathervane Quilt from SewCanShe, but we can also help pick out a fabric selection that appeals most to you.

Check out the Weathervane 3-Yard Quilt Pattern here.

4. The Pincushion Pouch


Pin Cushion Pouch shown on wrist and open on wooden desk with tools spilling out


The wrist pin holder is like the tool belt of the quilting world. It’s nifty to have pins right there for you to grab and use, and most of the wrist pin holders we’ve seen are the magnetic ones. Those look very snazzy, but beyond holding your pins, they don’t offer much else.

We like this pincushion pouch from Baby Lock because it doesn’t just hold pins. It also has a zipper pouch for all of your other sewing notions, whether you want to hang on to spare bobbins, buttons, needles, or a piece of tailor’s chalk. This is a seriously nifty weekend project *and* you can use up some fabric scraps to make it.

Find the Pincushion Pouch on Baby Lock’s website here.  

5. Kaffe Fassett Colorful, Round Zipper Bag


Kaffe Fasset Colorful Round Zipper Bag shown with floral embroidered embellishments on a gray table

Bernina is really knocking it out of the park with the quick, Kaffe Fassett weekend sewing projects. This round zipper bag uses half-yard fabric cuts, but you can also use smaller cuts (<ahem>, like in our Kaffe Fassett FQ Bundles). It also features optional floral embroidery designs, which if you opt for floral Fassett fabric just looks so chic and pretty.

Find the instructions for the Kaffe Fassett Colorful, Round Zipper Bag here.

6. DIY Apron


hand sewn apron in abstract pattern shown on woman

Paper & Stitch says it only takes 10 minutes to make this DIY Apron, so you don’t even need the whole weekend to finish it. Also, it takes only 1 yard of fabric. This is a great opportunity to make something nice for mom with really nice fabric. Mother’s Day is coming! We have over 1,700 fabrics for you to choose from online, or come to the shop and we can help you find the perfect pattern.

Find Paper & Stitch’s DIY Apron here

7. Seatback Refreshment Station


handmade Seatback Refreshment Station shown hanging on back of car seat


The Seatback Refreshment Station from Diana Rambles is such a cute idea for keeping your backseat neat and tidy. Kids in the car often means food on the go, and this little sewing project helps everything stay within reach and off the floor of your car. This project is another great excuse for purchasing your favorite Thimbles fabric bundle

Find the Seatback Refreshment Station here

8. Round Makeup Travel Case


An opened Round Makeup Travel Case shown with contents on a wooden table


Happiest Camper’s Round Makeup Travel Case is a sweet little accessory that is so useful beyond carrying makeup. Carry charging cords, craft tools, spare cash or whatever else you might need to grab easily while traveling. It’s designed with a clip so you can easily attach it to your bag and it holds a surprising amount of stuff. We also think this would make a great party favor for a birthday.

Find the Round Makeup Travel Case tutorial here.  

9. Tula Hardware Holder


Tula Hardware Holder Sewing Pattern

Keep those limited edition Tula Pink scissors (or any fabric scissors) safe with Bernina’s Tula Hardware Holder. We especially like the “Fabric Only” embroidery to remind the non-quilts to stay away! Of course, we have a few Tula Pink fabric bundles that would be perfect for this project. 

Find the instructions for the Tula Hardware Holder here

We hope this inspired you to start a project this weekend for National Quilting Day! If you have another project idea on your mind, stop by and let us know. We’d love to help you get started!

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