Join us For Sewing Sewcial Season!

Sewing Sewcial Season is back! From April 1-May 31, 2023, 12 quilt shops across the United States—Thimbles included—are participating in the Sewing Sewcial Virtual Shop Hop. This is one of our favorite events of the year. It’s such a fabulous opportunity to support some great quilt shops while also stashing custom-made batik fabrics exclusive to the Shop Hop.

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If you’ve never participated in Sewing Sewcial, this post is for you. You’ll learn how the Shop Hop works, where you can find the custom fabrics and quilt blocks, and which shops to visit throughout the month. Let’s get started!

The Fabrics

Sewing Sewcial 2023 exclusive custom made batik fabrics

One of the reasons why we love Sewing Sewcial is because it gives us an opportunity to get creative with our sister sewing and quilt shops. No matter how far flung we all may be, this virtual event brings us together in the spirit of collaboration. We don’t see this as just a shop hop between quilt store owners—we’re friends in real life, and Sewing Sewcial has been a way for us to bring our communities together.

The 14 custom-made batik fabrics in the Sewing Sewcial Shop Hop are unique, one-of-a-kind batiks designed exclusively for the Shop Hop. The theme for this year’s Sewing Sewcial is ‘Tropical,’ as you can probably gather from the rich, jewel tones in the fabrics above. You won’t find these fabrics outside of the 12 participating shops, and once they’re gone, that’s it. So if you see something you love, don’t sit on it!

Shop the Sewing Sewcial Batik Fabrics

The Quilt Blocks

Sewing Sewcial 2023 Virtual Shop Hop Quilt Blocks


Each Sewing Sewcial Shop created their own unique 9-inch Quilt Block available exclusively during the Shop Hop. Pre-cut with the 9” Qube from AccuQuilt for ease and accuracy, each kit includes the pattern and fabric to make the block. 

Eclectus Batik Quilt Block Sewing Sewcial 2023


Each shop’s custom batik quilt block is named for a different, brilliantly-colored bird. Our block, the Eclectus Block, featured above, was inspired by eclectus parrots. Named for their ‘eclectic’ coloring, the males showcase bright, vivid plumage in blues and greens, with the females in purples and reds. They were once thought to be two different species!

two eclectus parrots, one male and one female, sitting on a branch

Shop all of the quilt blocks here

The Sewing Sewcial Showcase

Sewing Sewcial 2023 Shop Showcase


The beauty of Sewing Sewcial is it’s all virtual, so everyone can attend no matter where they are located. Mark your calendars for Monday, April 17, at 7pm CST, when the first shop goes live on Facebook. During the showcase, virtual attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the host shop and purchase items displayed during the feed. When you make a minimum purchase within 48 hours of each shop’s Facebook Live, you’ll also receive a fun surprise exclusive gift with your order!

The Shop Hop schedule is as follows:

Click any of the shop links above to like their page and be ready to visit at 7pm CST on their Shop Hop date to attend their Facebook Live! 

The Finishing Kits

Tropical Paradise Sewing Sewcial 2023 Finishing Kit


In addition to the custom quilt blocks, each Sewing Sewcial Shop Hop store also has their own unique quilt finishing kit. 

We collaborated with Kate Colleran Designs to create our kit, which we named Tropical Paradise. Our kit really focused on green fabrics as the unifier to draw together all these tropical-inspired motifs. We wanted it to feel like a trip through a rainforest jungle and we think we achieved that beautifully.

The kit includes all the fabrics plus the binding to complete this 58” x 58” quilt. You’ll need the 9” finished quilt blocks to complete Tropical Paradise, so make sure you order each block

Each store has their own kit, and we encourage you to browse them all here. Each one feels like a unique signature and we were thrilled to see how differently they all turned out. No two alike!

Tropical Paradise Sewing Sewcial 2023 Finishing Kit hanging on a wooden railing outside among lots of green plants

Now is the perfect time to pick up your quilt blocks and get started before the Shop Hop officially starts on Facebook live on Monday, April 17.

Are you excited for Sewing Sewcial this year? Do you have a favorite finishing kit or quilt block? Let us know!

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